About My Father.

About My Father My father once told me “you don’t know anything about injustice” He’s right I do not know anything about injustice, but I do know what it feels like to wait 5 years for that police officer to “get back to me” I do not know anything about injustice but I do know … Continue reading About My Father.


You Fool!

Dear mere girl, I do not understand why you seem to think your love is any more special. Your love trips while running after its wants, your love sends irrational messages at 2 in the morning, your love mistakes his tender touch for its own, foolish-aren't you? yet you still seem to falter when connecting … Continue reading You Fool!

What Happens When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons... you can do whatever you want with them. You don't have to submit yourself to day old cliche's and go with what has been predestined for you; when life hands you lemons you can squeeze them onto the people who have hurt you; or make a basket for the ones who have stood by you, when life gives you lemons, you are grateful because thus far you have learned nothing is really given.