There Is A Man In The Mountains

There’s a man in the mountains…


Oh mountain man

i talk to you every day!

but you can’t hear me.

oh mountain man

they sing your songs until May-

but i won’t hear them.


Mountain man come down from that elevation 

and back into my arms

Mountain man the cold is coming 

and i wanted to be the one to keep you warm


Mountain man it’s okay that you left

because i know you wanted me to be happy 

Mountain man every time i miss you

i look to the mountains and hope that you feel my message coming from down here.


Mountain man they tell your stories

but it’s nothing i don’t already know

Mountain man you’re so famous!

you really know how to put on a show..


Mountain man how is it like

to look down at the city-

do you see me when you look down?

because i see your face engraved into those mountains every time i look up, i see art.


Mountain man with your axe and pick

cutting down trees and savoring the feeling

Mountain man you said i was like that one maple tree 

but i guess i didn’t notice you cut that one down the most brutally.


Mountain man the cold front hurts you

you get filled with resentment and agony 

mountain man i am not the cold front 

but you still treat me as if i was a 14 day blizzard.


Mountain man i ran to you today! 

up those 15 miles i just had to see you again,

mountain man my heart started to fail again

my vision was blurred

my legs came to a halt 

and i fell to the floor as hard as i fell for you.

Mountain man i’ll run to you again someday

i’ll see you again and the time spent apart will seem like seconds.

i’ll see you again


I know what you’re going to say

“I told you so”

“You should’ve listened to the medical professionals”

but Mountain man can’t you see

i knew my heart wasn’t the best to keep running with 

but you were worth the risk 

i knew one day the doctors would be right and i would have one last run before i go

i knew all the consequences of continuing 

but there’s one thing i don’t know mountain man

and that’s how to stop loving you.

Authors Note: Okay yeah this one kind of sucks, but it’s apart of a very special series to me so it gets its place on here.


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