I do not comprehend why people pull the “Selfish” card when someone does not meet their expectations. Why is it selfish to love oneself? Or to care for ones personal needs? or to at the end of the day be the person you put first? It is like a game of chess that you just cannot seem to master. You give and give and give until you physically cannot any longer yet you are still deemed as “selfish” for not meeting one aspect of the criteria that makes you a good person, maybe you demand respect or ask to be heard a little to often and boom. you’re selfish. Somewhat like how society breeds you  to be what they find acceptable the people that you care for mold you into what they expect so don’t you ever think that taking care of yourself is on that list. Your life is much too boring, and you tell the same sad story over and over, and you ask for way too much. But did these people ever stop to reflect on how maybe they just expect too much? maybe they’re the selfish ones? maybe they need to find themselves first before hitting the mute button permanently on a valid human being.


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